What’s Involved in Rewiring?

  • Protection

    We protect all furniture etc with dust sheets and roll out floor protector where required

  • Marking out

    We go through the job with you, marking out where you'd like your new electrical points

  • Prepping

    We lift carpets and floorboards where access is needed. Heavy duty wall chasing equipment is used to create neat channels in the walls for new wiring and electrical points to be installed.

  • Wiring

    The new wiring is installed for all your electrical points such as sockets, downlights, data points etc. All wiring is capped using steel capping for better protection

  • Plaster repairs

    Our in house plasterers get to work plastering all the chases and holes we've had to make to install cabling.

  • Second fix

    Once the plaster has set our teams get back to work installing socket fronts, light fittings etc.

  • Test and commission

    When the second fix is complete its time to power up and test the new installation. All new electrical installations are thoroughly tested to ensure they operate as they should before work is notified with building control and certificates emailed out.

  • Boards down and tidy up

    Before handing the property back to you all carpets and floorboards are reinstated. We ensure the job is as spotless as it was before we started.

What’s Involved In Rewiring?


Mess, and sometimes lots of it! Older properties tend to have internal brick walls which we need to chase to make way for our cables, with this comes a lot of dust and rubble.


The first day tends to be the worst day for mess as this is when all our prepping, wiring and plastering takes place, on bigger properties this tends to be the first 2 days. The second day or the last day is when we second fix, test and tidy up.


It’s usually recommended that the customer leaves the house during the works as this helps speed the process up, if that’s not a possibility we are always able to work around it.


Carpets and flooring

When rewiring we need access under floors in most cases, we carefully lift carpets/lino where needed. Don’t worry if you have sanded floorboards you’d like left in one piece, we use specialist tools to carefully cut and lift the boards where needed ensuring they’ll be able to go back down in one piece. Once the first fix in complete all floorboards are screwed back down to avoid squeaking, once all electrical work is complete all carpets are put back in place and hoovered.



While it’s ideal and cheaper for the customer if they can move furniture and belongings to the required positions before works  commence we understand in some cases this is not possible and are happy to assist if needs be.
We always dust sheet all furniture, belongings and appliances and protect flooring before works commence.



All cabling is installed to the latest wiring regulations and in the correct zones, we ensure all cable runs are adequately protected using steel capping. Whilst this is not required we use this as standard on all our projects as it helps protect the cabling from the plaster.


Second fixing and testing

Once our in house plasterers have completed their patching its time for the sockets, switches etc to be fitted and the installation to be tested. Every new installation is put through rigorous testing to ensure it will stand the test of time, all test results must comply with the current regulations.

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